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recording data – 6 years, 1 photo each day – NOAH

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This guy took a video of himself everyday for 6 years

Paul Virilo talk

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Technology report

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I have decided to do a comparison betewwn peoples shoes, the worness on the soles, with different areas. I am going to do Newcastle Upon Tyne, Rich and Poor areas, Edinburgh both Rich and poor areas, put the images and videos, resulting in 4 Videos and 4 images.

These will be put together in a PDF which shall contain the Video “assets” as learnt on Fridays Tech lesson. The use will be able to see where the information came from by clickin on the Videos.

Money > Clothing > Fashion > Shoes > Shoe Type> Shoe Worness > Heels Picture/soles/ > Video Capture > Resulting in an end product of cultures and Clothing determind my Money and status.

Architecture usefull resource page

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Illustration – Sailent piece

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Recording data – people

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money reflected in clothing. I.E shoes, give a good inidcation of  person, personality types. I am going to explore a way of recording personality

recording the data of people travelling

recording the data of people travelling

and relationship to money. The routes travelled and the recording of that data could be explored by peoples shoes, the worness.