Dundee EveryTrail beginning

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Jean Shin image of presentation

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technology hand in fri

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I have decided to do a pdf with videos. the pdf will have the same format throughout the presentation/ videos of people holding shoes and asking them where they got them from adn the sotry behind them, newcastle and edinburgh,
I will play the cideos all together at the end and real player? videos people walking but a map is being made at the same time of where they got there shoes from and where they have been wearing them?
the idea that a map can be made from the data that is collected from the shoes and even pictures, ile the simple straight line of heaton road is reflected int he pictures taken with paddy. xx

1990’a garage mix

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Womens fashion/ green Design

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Vertical gardens

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vertical gardens

Technology/ Submission – Hand In Lecture

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Today we recieved the following notes for our final submission:
Depth and INTEGRITY – Newcastle/idea/students/culture/shoes/money/status
Production Values – Tweaking – even the font is correct
Creative USe of Detail – PDF, Video, Text, Photoshop/ Sketchup

Quick narrative
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Final submssion is now the 5th Dec!
email c.speed@eca.ac.uk